“Sex is an emotion in motion.”

- Mae West - 

Meet Amanda...

Hello there! 

I've been interested in the wonderful world of sexuality for many decades now, in fact my first research dissertation looked at the Influence of Sex on British Politics! After gaining a MA Ed. in Teaching and Learning, alongside years of research and training into adult sexual expression and sex education, I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with you. 

As a sex educator, I want to help you bring sexual intimacy to your relationships. The practices and techniques that you learn with me can be used time and time again. As a sex coach, I want to guide you on your own personal discovery of your sexual self, exploring who you are, and what sexual and life goals you want to achieve.

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A professor once told me I was an odd soul - which probably boils down to the odd life-choices I've made! In terms of my professional life, I've been a research consultant, a teacher and educator, a mentor, an owner of an adult lifestyle club...  all of which have given me unique insights, experience, skills and knowledge that I want to share with you. I've been on an incredible journey so far, and I've explored all the wonderful points that sex has to offer, alongside the hidden depths that human sexuality can sometimes delve, I want to be your guide on your own journey to discover your sexual self. Take a deep breath, hold my hand and we'll take the first step...